Education at Ira is based on independence where children are provided with a prepared environment that enhances the physical, functional and emotional independence of the children. The children have the freedom to make a choice for the work they are interested. When they make a choice and work with immense interest it leads to concentration which is the key factor for intelligence.

The environment is  prepared by Montessori trained staff with specific scientifically designed Montessori materials. There is an order while preparing the environment this external order aids the child to develop internal order that leads to intelligence. A lot of care and attention is given by the Montessori trained staff to prepare the environment, the furniture is also child friendly so the children can work independently. The children enjoy to move freely around the room to work.

Every child in the Montessori method has a customized plan based on their own interests and pace of development. The plan for each child is tailor made with utmost care and observation. The learning is child centric.