Culture is not taught but experienced by the children at Ira. They are offered culture in the form of festivals and celebrations conducted through out the year. Geography and Botany too, as being part of our outer environment, become integral in our process to offer culture to the children.

Geography starts with introduction to water and land bodies, progressing to the study of the earth in the form of a globe/map. Children get to learn more about different continents and explore India in general through photographs, mounds and geography puzzles.

Botany introduces the child to parts of a plant through field trips to help them appreciate nature’s diversity. Children get to learn more about shapes of leaves and also get to understand the inter dependency between plant life and mankind.

Children through zoology are able to satiate their fascination and curiosity for animals by learning more about their classification, life cycles and their habitats.

We involve children in various activities related to gardening like planting seeds and taking care of them. These activities help children to appreciate nature and take care of the surroundings.